Party Dates LP

Recorded at Sing Sing Studios, Cremorne, Victoria, Australia to be released 08/09/2017

1. The Requiem

2. Party dates

3. Holy Guacamole

4. Parasol

5. Drunken Interlude

6. Waltz with me on Johnston Street

7. Limbo

8. Let your hair hang down - Evie part 1

9. So in love with you  - Evie part 2

10. I’m losing you - Evie part 3

11. Wasted Sundays

12. My Pal


Recorded at the iconic Sing Sing Studios in the back streets of Richmond by Venezuelan American Marcel Fernandez and Australian producer Adam Rhodes, The Resignators have carefully crafted an album, their fourth studio album, with a combination of original tunes as well as two reworked covers, both iconic Australian tunes, and given the horn infused treatment as only The Resignators can.    

Sure there are the ska licks and punk offerings that The Resignators are known for, but now The Resignators move to explore different elements of the genre, introducing a New Orleans feel and some South American rhythms.

Party Dates 7inch Vinyl Single

Recorded at Sing Sing Studios, Cremorne, Victoria, released 31/03/2017

The Resignators' first single from their forthcoming album, Party Dates is a departure from their ska beginnings, less of the upstrokes and more of the hard hitting rhythm section surrounded by powerful horn section. The single features 2 tracks and will be available from March 31st on 7inch vinyl and in digital format.

Preview available HERE

1. Party Dates

2. My Pal (GOD tribute)

Available March 31st 2017 on Care Factor Records

You got me thinking EP

Recorded at Sault Studios, Brighton, Victoria, Australia released Feb 2006

The Resignators' first venture into the studio yielded this 6 track EP.

1. Blackjack and hookers

2. Alone in the crowd

3. Canopy

4. Again I'm wrong

5. Sugar High (Cyote Shivers cover)

6. Here'n'there

Released independently.

Offbeat Feeling EP

Recorded at Chart Song in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia released October 2006

The demise of ska bands in this country has been something of a concern. With bands such as Commissioner Gordon and Area 7 either breaking up or dropping off the face of the planet, it is refreshing to see the genre being given a shot in the arm by The Resignators. Call it ska, call it reggae, call it rock, punk or whatever, Offbeat Feeling is the type of release that has the potential to have fans of such music up and skatting again. In a big way.

1. Offbeat Feeling

2. Alone in the crowd

3. Emotional (It's all good)

4. I bleed

5. Point to prove

Time Decays LP

Recorded at Studio One, Collingwood, Victoria, Australia released May 2008

Drawing influences from a wide range of genre’s to coin their own individual sound The Resignators are; Francis Harrison (Vox), Ellen Morabito (trombone / flute), Dittman (Trumpet / vox), Chris Solaoras (Guitar / vox), Michael (drums) and Naf (bass). This line up has been together since 2005 with the addition of Michael on drums in 2008. Through this solid line up The Resignators have been tearing up venues around Australia and are now set to take on the rest of the world.

1. W.O.F.T.A.M

2. Kablammo

3. Now we're getting somewhere (Crowded House cover)

4. Weirdos, super heros and me 

5. The Ultimatum

6. Wake Up!

7. Parker Bros. 

8. Too bad. So sad

9. Here'n'there

10.Time Decays

The physical release also featured the film clip for the track Offbeat feeling.

See You In Hell LP

Recorded at Indygene Studios, Montreal, Quebec, Canada released October 2010

Melbourne's suburban ska all-stars The Resignators, never knew back in 2005 that their infectious sound and trend defying style would take them around the world. As one of Australia's hardest working independent bands, The Resignators have seen it all, playing over 400 shows both nationally and internationally. This road hardened sextet know how to get any room of people on their feet and skanking to their Ska infused beats.

1. See You In Hell

2. Rage

3. Told me twice

4. Sins of the Father

5. Taco Burrito

6. Train Robbaz

7. 64 Reasons why?

8. Booze and tattoos

9. Shape I'm in (Jo Jo Zep and the Falcons cover)

10. I farken love you (A Frankston love song) 

Down in Flames LP

Recorded at Hot House Studios, St Kilda, Victoria, Australia released in February 2013

The Resignators, Australia’s premier ska‐punk band, kick off lucky 2013 with a big bang by releasing their new EP “Down in Flames” on March 15 on Care Factor Records, produced by Craig Harnath (Living End, Jet, Oasis, Wilco, Bodyjar) and guitarist Steve Douglas (GWAR), and mixed by Jez Giddings at Hothouse Audio in Melbourne. 

The sound of the new EP is appropriately huge with monster guitars, epic organ, heavy drums, thunderous bass, and one of Australia’s best horn sections – laying a bed for passionate vocals that cry out the meaningful messages of these new songs, all the while propelled by the danceable drive of a ska backbeat infused with punk energy that is The Resignators trademark.

1. Rocket Ship

2. Down in Flames

3. Summer Girl Smile

4. Black Jack Swing

5. Wish I Wish

6. Lest We Forget

7. Pretend Friend

8. Old Friend (Rancid Cover)

9. Buy More Shit

10. Summer Girl Smile (Ideology mix feat Jono James)

Fish Outta Water EP

Richard Pleasance Studio, Elevated Plains, Victoria, Australia, released March 2015

The Resignators are super excited to release their new limited edition, hand numbered, 6 track EP 'Fish Outta Water...

1. Fish outta water 
2. Life in limbo 
3. My Pal (God cover) 
4. Lest we forget 
5. Blackjack swing 
6. Buy more shit 

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